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Our team strives for 100% recycling of all recyclable materials we remove from your facility.

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We know there are a lot of options when it comes to junk removal. We take pride in our work and we make the process effortless for you.
See below how easy it is to haul off your junk in Atlanta.


We remove junk across all Atlanta residential neighborhoods, no matter what the junk is. Call us.

Residential Junk Removal

Whether moving in, moving out or just renovating, ACC Junk Removal Commercial Clean Outs is ready to haul away your junk.

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Commercial junk removal is our specialty. We have the team and equipment to clean out large amounts of junk fast.

Commercial Junk Removal

Whether you’re a contractor, a local business, a medical facility, or anything else, we have you covered. Call ACC Junk Removal Today.

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On Time

We understand how important your time is. We are equipped to handle emergency junk removal as well.

You Call. We'll Be There

Whether it’s a last minute junk removal or regular maintenance, trust on ACC Junk Removal to show up on time and ready to haul!

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Where your junk ends up is important to us. We are responsible junk removers and always recycle.

We Recycle

At ACC Junk Removal Commercial Clean Outs, people feel assured knowing that we take care of junk responsibly and recycle regularly.

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Junk Removal in Atlanta

Hiring a professional junk removal company such as ACC Junk Removal is undoubtedly the most viable way to dispose junk material piling up at commercial premises or residential properties. ACC Junk Removal provides a cost-effective service that comes with additional benefits. Some states place restrictions when it comes to junk materials that residents are not allowed to dispose of by themselves. ACC Junk Removal has the expertise to dispose a wide variety of material, no matter how big or small. 

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Proper disposal of junk will ensure that you are left with a clear lot or enough space for your new projects. ACC Junk Removal ensures that no garbage is left behind at our client’s properties. We haul the junk to the waste disposal site as many times as necessary. Attempting to remove the junk materials as a DIY project can inflate the cost when compared to hiring a hauler with a solid reputation, such as ACC Junk Removal.

Some of the key benefits of opting for professional hauler include:


Removing junk could be incredibly cumbersome; it is time consuming and requires energy. The waste materials must be cleared out and discarded into the dumpster. The materials should be loaded in a vehicle for transporting to the local waste disposal site. Oftentimes, the magnitude of the workload will become clearer when working on it. Many people discover that it is more strenuous than they anticipated. 


Handling certain types of garbage or junk may expose individuals to dangerous situations including injury. These tasks are best handled by professionals who understand the risk involved and are prepared for heavy workloads.  ACC Junk Removal has a well trained staff who take every precaution when it comes to hauling off your junk. It is imperative to entrust this type of project to professionals that use specially designed equipment to lift heavy items.  


Whether the project involves construction debris, old furniture or just plain junk, ACC Junk Removal eliminates the hassle associated with loading and transporting junk to the waste disposal site. The project is handled swiftly without damaging any property. Proper waste removal techniques ensure that all materials are placed into the truck efficiently.


Removing junk and transporting it to the landfill using a smaller sized vehicle can translate to several trips. This can raise the cost of the project. At ACC Junk Removal, we can handle any workload faster and more efficiently, thus relieving business owners or homeowners of the burden to remove the waste.  It’s no wonder why ACC Junk Removal is the only choice for junk removal in Atlanta

Our Core Values

Our team strives for 100% recycling of all recyclable materials we remove from your facility.

Whether you are moving, hold a job that produces a lot of debris, or just haven’t been great at discarding items you no longer need, ACC Junk Removal takes the pain out of Atlanta junk removal. We can handle any job, from the elimination of bulky pieces of furniture to cleaning up after years of hoarding.

ACC Junk Removal is a full service company, meaning that we handle all of the lifting, hauling, and cleanup on our own. You are only as involved as you want to be. If you want to be out there with us to separate your trash from your treasures, we are happy to work with you. If you prefer to watch us do our thing, that’s fine too.

Atlanta Junk Removal Services

We service both commercial and residential job sites, ensuring that all customers in the Atlanta area can take advantage of our services. We will clean up your mess no matter where it is located on your property, preventing you from having to lift bulky objects with awkwardly-placed handholds to carry them to a dumpster. The process sounds simple enough, but many individuals hurt themselves while trying to handle it on their own. Our services are a safe and efficient way to get rid of all of the junk in your life.

We also offer same-day waste elimination services, meaning that we can start on your job today if you call us today. This is an incredibly valuable service for professional contractors, as we can immediately eliminate the garbage produced by the job. Property managers also benefit from our same-day trash removal services, as it means a faster turnaround time to prepare a property for its next tenant.

If you’re concerned about what will happen to your trash after we pick it up, don’t be. We are proud to work with a variety of charitable causes that allow us to donate any and all salvageable items we come across. We also recycle whenever possible, doing our part to keep the planet clean as well as your home and/or business.

If you have junk, trash, or garbage that you are tired of looking at everyday, give us a call today! There is no better junk removal service in the Atlanta metro area.

Regardless of whether you spend more time at home or at work you are always going to experience an accumulation of junk in both of these areas. While it may seem like a small matter at the beginning the truth is that after some time you are likely to start observing an unpleasant sight and may have to deal with foul odor. It is worth pointing out that failure to get rid of junk may cause various hazards. Here are some of the reasons why you may need professional Atlanta junk removal services.

Enhances cosmetic beauty

The last thing you want is to host an event at your residence or office only to have guests walk past poorly disposed garbage in the gutters and along pathways. A professional service provider is able to get rid of such garbage and ensure that your residence or commercial place looks beautiful.

Decreases hazards

While throwing away a few things may seem harmless the truth is that after a while they may become a serious danger. Some of the junk you throw away may become poisonous as they decompose while others may create a conducive environment for bacteria and other parasites to thrive. Professional junk removal eliminates any possibility of having to deal with these negative issues.

Ensures you adhere to laws

There are different laws and regulations that govern the disposal of junk. However, only a handful of people are aware of such laws. Indeed items such as old television sets or refrigerators should not be dumped in the same way that banana peels and other organic garbage is disposed of. A professional company can come to your residence and carry out the sorting process before disposing of every type of junk in accordance with the regulations of the region.

You can get value from junk

Once you have taken out that old wooden chair, the broken telephone, used shirts or any other material that you no longer need you may not be aware of their value. By hiring professionals to get rid of your junk they are able to sort out the things that are useless from the ones that can still be used. Some companies may be willing to pay cash for broken electronics meaning you are able to regain some cash. If there is nothing to be sold old clothes or bedding that are still in good condition can be donated to charities that may put them to good use instead of letting them go to waste.

Equipment and manpower

While you may be willing to get rid of the junk on your own the reality is that sometimes you do not have the equipment and manpower that is necessary for the task to be completed in the best manner. A professional service provider has invested in state of the art garbage handling equipment that ensure your residence or commercial premises remain in good condition. Such companies have a team of employees who are committed to getting rid of everything that you do not need. This allows you to focus on other important matters that pertain to work or personal life.

When picking a junk removal company one of the considerations you need to make regards reputation. Talk to friends, relatives or colleagues for recommendations on the best company in the region. The company should be accessible through affordable and convenient communication avenues. It should be affordable or offer rates that are flexible enough for you to pay easily. A company that has experience in handling of various types of junk should be preferred.

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