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Junk Removal Rates

At ACC Junk Removal, Our competitive and affordable rates comprise of our team coming out to your site location, loading our truck with the junk, making sure the area is left clean and our disposal fees.

We Give Free Estimates

Because each job is so unique from the others, we strongly recommend having us come out to your location and allow us to do a walk through of the property.  Giving phone estimates is very difficult and usually not as consistent as an on-site evaluation.  If you agree to ACC Junk Removal’s quote, our team will begin to haul off your junk.

Your Junk Removed Painlessly

Within reason, your junk can removed from anywhere on your property.  This includes on the upper floor, lower floor, basement or your yard.  There is no need for you to lift or transport the junk out to us, we’ll handle it for you.  Have a question? Give us a call at 404-655-1020.

Basic Junk Removal Rates

  • Refrigerators $40 per unit
  • Air Conditioners $25 per unit
  • Tires $10 per unit

A basic job usually consists or things that are typically found inside or around your property.  Usually these are items that are too large to throw out or expect your local garbage company to pick up.  Such items could include old furniture pieces, appliances, construction debris, yard trash, household junk, garage clutter, etc… Filling up one of our trucks is the equivalent of filling up around 8 or 9 regular pick up loads. At ACC, our Atlanta junk removal company  can respond quickly to your needs. Simply fill out one of our contact forms or give us a call directly.

Heavy Load Junk Removal Rates

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For heavier load junk, ACC Junk Removal can haul away items such as concrete, rock, dirt, bricks, pavers, and more.  If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to call us.  Due to the weight of such material, we charge according to 1-foot high’s worth of junk to keep within regulation of weight limits our trucks could handle.  This being said, our trucks can haul away about 4 yards of junk or trash.

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